Latinx voices: Samuel Serrano

Serrano_1My career as a law librarian started in 2004, when I was hired as an assistant librarian for the night shift of the Circulation Department of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Law Library. After completing my MLIS degree in 2006, I was selected to occupy a position as Reference Librarian.  Having as mentors my esteemed colleagues Pedro Padilla Rosa, Maria Otero de Leon and Lizette López Gracia, provided me with the necessary support and inspiration to continue my studies towards my J.D., which I completed in 2013.  Today, I am in the process of completing my LL.M. from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Serrano_3Serrano_5As a professional librarian,  I supervised the Circulation Department, the Reference Department, and in  2016 I was named Interim Director of the Law Library.  During this time I was able to develop and oversee the establishment of many important initiatives,  such as the  improvement of the library web page, library presence in the social media, the acquisitions of our first electronic books, Serrano_6the most extensive library subscriptions evaluations in our library’s history, the updating  of our collection development policies, the acquisition of many new digital collections and electronics services for our libraries, and the beginning of digitization projects. Since 2015 I have also taught the Legal Research and Writing course in the Law School and worked in the establishment of ProBono Acceso (that offers free exams reviews for law school candidates for the LSAT and EXADEP graduate admission tests).  After Hurricane Maria in September 2017, I was in charge of the recuperation efforts in our library, among many other responsibilities.

Serrano_2I have been a member of the American Association of Law Libraries since 2006. My first AALL conference was the 100th annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. I also participated in the Portland, Philadelphia, and Baltimore meetings. In 2018, during the SEAALL Annual Meeting in Nashville,Tennesse , I was able to present  the conference The Experience of Hurricane Maria in the University of Puerto Rico Law School Library: Dealing with Disaster  with Lizette López Gracia, Acquisitions Librarian at UPR Law Library. Just few months later, in the AALL Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, Jeannette Lebrón Ramos and I presented the conference We made it through: Before, during, and after the disaster hits: Improving the disaster plan after the event  sharing our experiences after Hurricane Maria and the measures that had to be taken.

Serrano_8We have always been warmly welcomed in all AALL annual conferences and in the Latino Caucus. I would like to thank all Latino Caucus members who continue the legacy and history of this group. Marcelo Rodríguez-Escribano, Marisol Floren-Romero, Casandra Laskowski, Teresa Miguel, and all those Caucus members, that when they identified us in the 2018 conference, did not hesitate to contact us and support our participation in the conference  and invite us to continue as active members of the group. This Latinx voices section is part of those efforts. Thank you all.


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